Estes Park: Current Weather Conditions

Current Conditions as of 05/10/2007 14:36 (local time)
Temperature 71 (F) 21.7 (C)
Humidity 29 % 37 (dewpoint F)
Barometric Pressure 30.34 steady 22.72 (raw)
Windspeed 01 (mph) gusting to 03 (mph)
Wind Direction west south west
Rainfall Today 00.00 inches
Windchill (gust) undefined at low windspeed
Temperature low 28 (F) high 71 (F)
Maximum Wind south west 14 (mph)
Rainfall 00.15 inches


This station will be dismantled on or about May 10, 2007.
The equipment will be transferred to YMCA of the Rockies.  I'm hoping
they will be able to put it back in action to continue serving your
weather needs.

You can find a list of alternative Estes weather resources on the
weather station information page.

Our equipment does not measure snowfall and false rainfall readings may occur as the snow on the rainguage melts.

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